Flat and Green Roofing

GRP Fibreglass

GRP Roofs give a long maintenance free life and excellent performance even when subject to pedestrian trafficking. Seamless, no joints means no water and no damage. A choice of colours are available.


Firestone EPDM Rubber Roof System is completely seamless meaning less chance
of water penetration, environmentally friendly, low maintenance with a proven life
expectancy of up to 50 years. Click the logo to see the YouTube video.
Firestone RubberCover - Frankson Roofing

Traditional Green Mineral Felt

A 3 layer high performance torch on felt.

Rubberbond FleeceBack™

Approved Rubberbond FleeceBack™ Installer, this product proven to last for 50 years, it is a cold applied system(no fire risk) it is stronger than non-fleeced EPDM. It will not tear, rip or crack and is resistant to UV and extremes of climate. It is also environmentally friendly. Slate grey in colour.

Green Roofing (grufe)

Approved grufe Installer. Green roof technology is the most environmentally friendly roofing system. Green roofs lower the cost of heating and cooling. The systems are extremely durable and help combat global warming. Cosmetically a green roof can make your property visually vibrant and add life to your current flat roof. It is also maintenance free.